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Bell’s has been one of West Michigan’s most respected flooring retailers for decades. Whether you’ve decided on carpet, hardwood, laminate or vinyl for your next project, our friendly staff of flooring experts are always here to guide you toward a tasteful and beautiful new addition to your home. If you’re looking for the best flooring, from the best makers, at the best prices, stop in to Bell’s and discuss your ideas with one of our flooring specialists today!
Deciding on the right carpet for your room
When shopping for carpet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed --- should you decide on a saxony, berber or frieze? Are you looking for plush or textured? Will you choose a solid color or a pattern? And of course, which is the best fiber; wool, polyester, olefin or maybe nylon? With so many options, it’s easy to get confused! However, Bell’s experienced designers are always here to help! Let one of our experts guide you in the right direction and choose your new carpet with confidence!
A fantastic selection to choose from
Bell’s carpet department is packed from wall to wall with samples of every carpet style and color you could imagine! From safe, solid neutral tones to adventurously bold patterns - from natural fibers like wool and sisal to fade resistant synthetics - from smooth, plush saxonies to captivating and tantalizing textures - you’ll find them all neatly displayed in our full-service flooring gallery! Bell’s is the premier place to begin your journey toward the perfect new floor, so let one of our expert designers assist you today!
Premium quality cushioning
Many people are tempted to try and save money by using an inferior padding. This is never a good idea! Padding serves to protect the face of the carpet fibers from the constant pounding of daily foot traffic. A low quality pad can cause undue stress and lead to premature wearing of your new floor! At Bell’s, we believe in protecting your investment and only use premium quality carpet cushioning!
The beauty and elegance of hardwood
Hardwood flooring is a great choice if you’re looking to add durability, reliability and a sense of traditional old world elegance to your home. Available in dozens of species and finishes, a hardwood floor is a great way to impart a natural feel to a room while also enhancing the overall resale value of your property. Since the 1600’s, people have had a timeless appreciation for the beauty of natural wood floors --- stop in soon and discuss the benefits of putting hardwood in your home with a Bell’s professional!
A floor to last a lifetime
Have you ever considered the flooring in your home to be a family heirloom? Quality hardwood floors can last for decades due to the fact that they can be refinished and brought back to their former glory - sometimes even a century after the original installation! Consider the value of purchasing a floor that could very well last more than one hundred years! Other floors will need to be taken up and replaced periodically while a beautiful hardwood floor can go on shining for generations.
Engineered vs. Solid hardwood
Solid hardwood flooring should be installed above grade and over a wood subfloor. If your installation will be below grade, over a concrete subfloor, or anywhere that moisture is a concern (like a basement for example), then engineered board flooring would be recommended. Talk with one of Bell’s skilled professionals today about any questions you may have regarding the installation of your new hardwood floor.
Appealing and affordable
If you love the look of solid hardwood but don’t have the budget, laminate flooring is an exciting option for your next project! Smooth, embossed, textured, hand-scraped, distressed - whichever look you’re going for, our broad selection of laminate flooring from some of the industry’s top makers can handle the job. Choose from dozens of trend setting wood finishes, as well as tile, stone and more! The world of laminate flooring is constantly evolving, so stop in to Bell’s soon and see the newest innovations for yourself!
Durability and flexibility
Laminate flooring is easy to clean, hypoallergenic, scratch, fade and stain resistant (making it perfect for pets and kids) and also less sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations than solid hardwood. Despite the gorgeous and realistic finishes available in today’s laminate flooring, perhaps its best quality is that it can be installed anywhere in your home! Whether you’re finishing a room in a basement or renovating a kitchen, laminate flooring offers unparallelled durabilty and flexibility along with enough stylistic choices to turn even your grandest design ambitions into reality!
What is laminate flooring?
Laminate flooring is a synthetic, multi-layered composite flooring material fused together by a lamination process. Designed to replicate hardwood (or sometimes stone and other surfaces), laminate flooring is composed of a photographic applique and a clear protective layer over an inner core usually consisting of melamine resin and high density fiberboard. Some flooring also adds a pre-attached underpad layer.
Comfortable, versatile and cost effective
Although vinyl flooring has been around for decades, recent innovations have produced surfaces incomparably more sophisticated than those of years gone by. With amazingly realistic replications of wood, tile and even stone, modern vinyl floors are perfectly suitable for any lifestyle and offer a range of colors and textures to compliment virtually any decor. Vinyl flooring is also one of the most affordable options available and offers designer looks without sacrificing quality. Moisture resistance also makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens!
Wood, tile, stone and style
Most would agree that hardwood and stone flooring are beautiful additions to any interior design. While they certainly can infuse a space with a sense of permanence and tradition, such time honored floors are not always budget friendly and are sometimes inappropriate due to moisture or temperature concerns. Modern vinyl flooring is now available in almost any wood or stone finish you can imagine and in many cases is nearly indistinguishable from the “real” surface it’s designed to replicate! No matter what your design ambitions may be, today’s vinyl flooring is sure to be up to the task!
The history of vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring was first introduced in 1933. The next few decades brought advancements such as cushioning and “no wax” floors which offered an ease of maintenance that appealed to consumers and allowed vinyl flooring to maintain its place in the market. Current evolutions in technology have raised vinyl’s popularity even further and it’s expected to remain at the forefront of the flooring industry for many years to come.
Installation by experienced professionals
You’ve chosen to add value to your home by investing time and money in new flooring. At Bell’s, we appreciate the commitment involved in such a decision. All of our installation teams are top-notch professionals who time and time again have proven their abilities with exemplary customer service and workmanship that is second to none. The finest flooring deserves the finest installation and all of our experienced professionals, from the sales staff to the installers, are committed to offering nothing but the best in customer service and satisfaction.
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