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For well over 30 years, Bell’s has been a “one stop shop” for premium quality MADE-IN-MICHIGAN sleep sets! If you’re looking for the best buys on the best bedding, look no further than Bell’s inviting Sleep Shop! All of our custom-made bedding sets include FULL GUARANTEES that far surpass the conditional warranties offered by other brands. Stop in soon and experience the quality and comfort of our custom bedding line - we know you’ll be impressed!
These beds get their name from an extra layer of cushioning that serves as a “pillow top”. Many pillow tops are inherently softer than tight top beds, although some models do contain a firmer spring unit and foam. Pillow tops are one-sided beds and should be rotated at least 2 to 3 times per year.
Traditional two-sided beds can be flipped as well as rotated. Many two sided beds are firmer than pillow tops, although they can be made softer by using a more forgiving spring unit and foam. We carry a wide selection of beds at all different comfort levels, so stop in soon and try one out!
While all of the beds we carry contain a combination of foam, memory foam, or latex, this category is unique. These beds do not have a steel spring unit inside and purely rely on their foam components to provide support. Although seemingly simple, these beds are some of the most comfortable and longest-lasting models in our lineup!
Tight-top mattresses are more traditional single-sided beds that do not have a pillow top. Like all of our beds, these models contain varying combinations of foam, memory foam, or latex and should be rotated at least 2 to 3 times per year.
Need something special? We can handle that! Whether you’re looking for an adjustable bed with remote control options or an out of the ordinary sized mattress for an antique bed frame, our bedding can be custom configured to meet your requirements. Discuss your needs with a Bell’s sleep shop professional today!
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